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The original Q and A proved succesfull, I'm doing another one and posting it before I leave for a week.


See you in a week mates! :D
Firestorm: The Nuclear Man (New Earth)
The original non-Superman clone nuclear man, Ronnie Raymond
Portrayed by:
Zac Efron
Story: Hitted by the worldwide explosion of the Particle Accelerator on 03', high school student from Detroit Ronnie Raymond dissappeared for a total of a year, being believed dead by his peers at school and by his family. But, opposed to his clossest ones knowledge, Ronnie was combined with local scientist Dr. Martin Stein, for a grand total of their first year combined, while Ronnie retained his human form, Stein's mind was in Ronnie's body, his own having dissappeared apparently after their fusion.
After having struggled on the control for a physical body and how to return to normal, eventually both Ronnie and Stein defused after coming to an agreement each returning onto their normal state, though it wouldn't last long due to a sudden attack at Ronnie's school at the hand of Stein's former partner, Dr. Henry Hewitt who was affected to the point that he gained the ability to absorb energy, after defeating the as now dubbed by Ronnie, Tokamak, Ronnie and Stein decided to continue using their powers as heroes, being the second incarnation of Firestorm, the Nuclear Man.
As Firestorm, Ronnie and Stein have the ability to connect on the so-dubbed Firestorm Matrix, alowing them to becoming one physical being as they have a physical contact with each other, the other half losing it's physical body and becoming an secondary mind for the combined body. Along with it, Ronnie and Stein have the ability of Pyrokinesis, Nucleokinesis, a Psychic Link, Flight, Nuclear Absorption along with his trademark ability of Matter Transmutation, being able to manipulate matter at an atomic level and arrange its subatomic structure into a different substance all together.

Credit to :iconloganwaynee:, :iconbailey2088: and :iconmicromaned:
Leave a comment if you favorite this, raise your opinion on anything the image contains, be it the costume, the story or the casting.
If i used anything of yours, please notify me so that i can properly credit you and your work.



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Hola hernan puedes hacer un diseño de mi micro (se llama samo) prro a su estilo?porfa y gracias
Nova20X Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2017
Me encantaria pero estoy muy ocupado con mis propias cosas junto a otro request :( (Sad) 
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Hola que bueno que te halla gustado mi batman seguire subiendo mas de la bat-family
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Señor Hernan, solicito a usted un diseño de "Batgirl" con el estilo de Batfleck... PLEASE
bkno Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017
Will you ever do a timeline of the events of your New Earth universe?
Nova20X Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017
I was working on one as of recently.
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If you have some request or advices for my CMDU you can tell me in the comments below the Avengers of the JLA
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happy new year my friend and new name is nice
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What do you think of Elena Anaya cast as Dr. Poison for the Wonder Woman movie in 2017?…
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